U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps - NMCB-14 Battalion (Seabee-14)

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The U.S Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a nationwide organization dedicated to helping American youth realize personal success and achievement through a nautically oriented training program.  Through Sea Cadet Leadership, young Americans ages 13 through 17 develop interest and skill in basic seamanship and its naval adaptations, while learning the value of patriotism, courage, self reliance, teamwork and accountability.
Cadets train aboard U.S. Navy ships and Coast Guard ships and shore activities, and are authorized by the Secretary of the Navy to wear Navy uniforms marked with Naval Sea Cadet insignia.  Approximately 798 Sea Cadet units are operating nearly every state as well as Puerto Rico and Guam, with some 9,500 members. 
Membership in the Sea Cadets allows Teanagers to sample military life with no obligation to join any branch of the armed forces.  Should cadets decide to enlist in the Navy or Coast Guard, their training may allow them entry at an advanced paygrade.  The Naval Sea Cadet Corps affords equal opportunity for participation to all young Americans regardless of race, color, religion or sex.

Training and Education

Sea Cadets are exposed to a broad range of subjects designed to develop the "whole person" concept, and have many opportunities to participate in hands-on training aboard Navy and Coast Guard ships and shore activities and training schools.  
All newly enrolled cadets must first complete two weeks of summer recruit training ("boot camp") at Navy recruit training commands and selected locations throughout the country.  The boot camp curriculum includes naval history, customs, traditions, seamanship and navigation.
Once cadets have completed boot camp, they may take full advantage of Naval Sea Cadet opportunities during succeeding summers, including advanced two-week training periods aboard Navy and Coast Guard vessels - from small harbor craft to large nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.
Some of the advanced training courses available to Sea Cadets include:

  • Airman School
  • SEAL Team training
  • FAA Ground School and Flight Training
  • Amphibious Training
  • Seabee Indoctrination
  • Medical Training
  • Leadership Academy
  • Submarine Orientation


Promotions within the Sea Cadets are based upon merit.  Cadet recruits enter as E-1's, and upon successful completion of boot camp and other academic requirements may be advanced to the apprentice rates (E-2).  As cadets received additional training, they may advance through the rate structure, eventually attaining the rate of Chief Petty Officer (E-7).

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets you must be:
  • 13years or older and not have reached18th birthday;
  • a citizen or legal resident of the United States;
  • a full-time student in good academic standing; unmarried and of good moral character.